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2015 Speco Products Catalogue Now Available

Speco has released its 2015 Products Catalogue, listing the full range of products.

2015 Speco Product Catalogue
To download, click the image
The Speco Product Catalogue provides a complete listing in 78 pages of all Speco products with part numbers and photos of most items to make ordering easy. Photos and fuller descriptions of each of the VHT paint products are available in the separate VHT Catalogue which is downloadable from here. Alternatively, both catalogues can be obtained as printed copies from Speco.

The catalogue contains complete details of:
  • Speco Meter Gauges
  • VHT Paints
  • Speco Auto Accessories
  • PJ1—performance products for powersports
  • The Perfect Bungee. Made in USA. Straps and cords from Polyurethane. Won’t snap crack or pop
New VHT Products Now Available

Speco Thomas is pleased to announce these additions to its extensive VHT range of products:

VHT Engine Enamel—SP153 Old Ford Blue Three new VHT Engine Enamels

Old Ford Blue (SP153)
Grabber Green (SP154)
Chrysler Red (SP155)

VHT 550ºF (287ºC) Engine Enamels are available in a wide range of colours, including exact match factory colours. All colours have excellent durability and superior heat and solvent resistance. They are specially formulated to withstand corrosion, rust, salt spray, strong solvents and additives of today's gasoline blends and degreasers. VHT 550ºF (287ºC) Engine Enamels are a unique blend of urethane resins which produce a tough and long-lasting finish for engines, engine accessories or wherever a tough durable heat or chemical resistant finish is needed. Ideal for use on engines, heat registers, hot pipes, farm and garden equipment, boats, motorcycles and watercraft.
VHT Metallic Engine Enamel—SP 405 Black Pearl A New VHT Metallic Engine Enamel

These high temperature engine enamels are unique to VHT and provide exciting chemical resistant engine painting options.

Black Pearl (SP405)
VHT Wheel Paint—SP 189 Graphite A New VHT Wheel Paint

This provides a great finish and real protection for all standard and custom wheels. This unique product resists chipping, cracking and fading, while protecting the wheel surface from oxidation.

Graphite (SP189)

New Tachometers, Speedometer and Silicone Tape Products

Recent new products from Speco include:

525-00 temperature gauge
The new
525-00 2" 0–1600 deg
F Exhaust temperature gauge
Silver dial, silver bezel.

See the complete range of Speco Meter gauges or just the range of Speco tachometers.
An example of Speco Meter gauges: the Performance Series vac/boost gauge
What is special about Speco Gauges?

Speco Meter gauges offer high performance gauges at down to earth prices. For many consumers, Auto Meter, VDO and other high priced brands are just too expensive. You don’t have to pay high prices to obtain quality gauges.

Mouse over the gauge on the left to get a boost.
Speco/VHT Clothing

VHT Fire Shirt

Now available: Speco/VHT polos, long-sleeved and short-sleeved business shirts, long-sleeved hoodies and VHT Flame T shirts (illustrated above).
Water Necks Are Back in Stock

Holden V8 253-308, 2 outlets
The following water necks are back in stock:

102064 — Holden V8 253–308, 1 outlet
102065 — Holden V8 253–308, 2 outlets
102067 — Holden 6 149–202
Silicone Tape

Silicone Tape
Speco now distributes Silicone Tape. This is the essential protective and repair tape. It requires no adhesive, is self fusing, and stretches to three times its length for a permanent air and water tight seal. It won’t melt up to 260 degrees C.

Its many uses are almost beyond your imagination. Every home owner and car owner should have one for those unexpected emergencies.

See photos illustrating:
The strength of this silicone tape, and
How it can be used for emergency repairs.
Frequently Asked Questions on VHT Paints

A key resource on Speco’s web site is a set of Frequently Asked Questions about VHT Spray Paints. It includes detailed application instructions for different paints in the VHT range. Click here to see the FAQs.
Catalogue Available for the VHT Paint Range

VHT Paints Catalogue. Click here to see the VHT range of paints.Speco provides an extremely informative and comprehensive catalogue detailing the entire VHT range of paints. The VHT range is very popular, and includes no less than 30 hi-temp engine enamels (including a number of Australian exclusives), specialist manifold coatings, 815°C flameproof coatings (20 colours), hi-temp brake, caliper, drum and rotor paints, 17 Quick Coat colours, a number of wheel and epoxy roll bar paints, specialist motorcycle paints, hi-temp wrinkle finish, bonnet and bumper urethane coatings, and the largest number of vinyl and carpet spray dyes available.

In the VHT range, there is also a range of highly specialised products, including sun resistant window tint, metal tint and tail-light tints, along with a rust treatment agent, gasket cements, a carby and choke cleaner, a contact adhesive spray, degreasers, a paint stripper, an engine assembly lube and the renowned VHT Track Bite traction compound.

The VHT Catalogue includes a full complement of highly accurate colour chips, excellent product descriptions and application advice.

You can download the VHT Catalogue, or visit any of our distributors. Click here for more details of the VHT products.

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