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VHT Spray Paints
The Ultimate in High Temp Performance Coatings

Superior quality high performance paints, lubricants and chemical products for the automotive, hardware and household markets. These products set the standard for durability, rust and corrosion control, extreme weather protection, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance.

VHT Spray Paints can be put to many uses:

VHT Brake, Caliper, Drum and Rotor Paint VHT High Temperature Enamel for the engine
VHT Flameproof Exhaust Coating for exhausts, headers, exhaust manifolds, piston domes, inside heads VHT Vinyl and Carpet Dye for the upholstery
The Ultimate in High Heat Performance Coatings
VHT Flame Proof Coating Check out the details of each paint, lubricant, special coating or chemical within these categories:

Flameproof Coatings
Engine Enamels
Quick Coat Enamels and Primers
Vinyl Spray Dyes
Brake Caliper and Wheel Paints
Wrinkle Finish, Epoxy and Special Paints
Chemicals and Gasket Sealants
Motorcycle Paints
To see colour chips for each paint,
get a copy of our VHT Paints Catalogue,
by contacting Speco
or by visiting our distributors.
Alternatively, you can
download the catalogue
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To determine which paint suits your particular requirement and for hints on applying paints,
see our Product Usage Guide.

See also the Frequently Asked Questions about VHT,
and the Material Safety Data Sheets for all VHT spray paints.
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